What is the difference between a conservatory and an orangery?

In past times the terms conservatory and orangery were used to describe large heated spaces, mainly built of glass, these were used to grow trees, plants, fruit and vegetables and were mainly built on large stately home type properties. In present times the terms conservatory and orangery describe glazed additions to any home, being simple or ornate in design, large or small.

In straightforward terms a conservatory has a fully glazed roof and the sides are mainly glazed allowing the maximum views out into the garden.

An orangery generally has a solid perimeter roof with a glazed structure in the centre, this is called a lantern.

Normally the flat portion of the roof would be finished in felt, lead sheet or EPDM rubber, the internal perimeter ceiling cuts out some of the suns summer heat and is normally well insulated so helps to keep it warmer in the winter, it is also perfect for fitting down-lighters, creating a lovely relaxing ambient light.

With the addition of high-insulation solar control glass, electrically operated roof-lites and a choice of French doors or multi-leaf bi-folding doors, our range of orangeries are truly a room to be used all year round