What is the best form of heating for an orangery or conservatory?

All of the orangeries and conservatories we build are designed for all year-round use, gone are the days of most garden rooms being too hot to use in the summer and too cold in the winter We love the light airy spaces they provide and love the connection with the garden, we build orangeries,  conservatories and garden rooms with high levels of insulation, to preserve heat in winter and special solar control glass to reflect the sun’s rays and keep cool in summer. There are many ways to heat a garden room, with under-floor heating being the most popular, there is nothing nicer than the cosy feeling you get from a warm floor on a snowy or cold day.

Under-floor heating comes in various types;

Water-based ;

This is a series of pipe-work buried in the floor-screed of an insulated floor, it is heated by a conventional boiler, air-source or ground-source heat-pump and can be set by timer and thermostat

Elecric mat;

This is the cheapest form of underfloor-heating to install but is the most expensive to run, it is laid on top of an insulated screed, under the floor-finish. It comes in different grades of heat output measured in watts per square metre, the lower wattage just warming the floor the higher wattage providing total heating of the area

Under-floor night storage;

This single-wire system is installed in an insulated concrete slab, which heats up over night using cheaper off-peak electricity and stores the heat for the following day, there is also an override button for instant top-up heat if required.

There are a range of modern efficient electric radiators and panel heaters available and for those properties that have existing boilers with extra capacity it’s an option to fit radiators with separate controls.

Quite a few of our clients have chosen wood-burners to compliment one of the other types of heating, these really do make your garden room the perfect place to be on a cold winters day.